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Welcome to our Website this Web Site was Established April 2014

This registry was created to build and share information for all Pre 1930 International Harvester Trucks/Cars/HW (now extended to include all International Harvester Trucks up to 1940 D Series). The focus is to compile a data base of all know surviving including restored or unrestored, complete or parts.

Our intension is to have a list of owners along with the knowledge they bring available to help other owners and also to find and store as much information about these for future generations.

To Register use the contact us tab fill in your details and request. We will reply to you asking for photos and location once we receive them we will add you to the registry.

If you would like to send a message or any owners wish to contact other owners please send the message in the contact us section along the top of the page.


Thank you.

Veteran International Harvester Truck Registry

31 responses to “About

  1. I am after some help please. I have a Gardner motor car with a four cylinder Lycoming engine fitted I would to make contact with a inter truck owner that has a 4 cylinder engine Fitted I would like to be able to see and hear it run. I am not looking for parts just want to visit and seen the engine going.

  2. looking for info and direction.
    just inherited a 1932 International A3, rescued it from the woods and want to give it life again. it will require a FULL restoration of which i am unsure of due to the poor condition of the vehicle. would love some assistance for web sites or any leads where i can start to find parts and info.


  3. Jack Remillard

    Howdy boys, I’m looking for a restorable 1912-15 Highwheeler. I don’t have a big budget, and I would rather rebuild one in order to better understand how they work. If you know of any, please send me a note.


    • Jack Most highwheelers go for around $30-$40 thousand just keep an eye on ebay and facebook pages they do crop up every now and then

  4. More updates today we now have 333 trucks on the registry.

  5. Just finished adding another 17 trucks we now have 316 registered

  6. Added 7 more books to the Library today

  7. Greetings, would like to post a 1933 A2 WB136. Thanks.

  8. Another 9 added today and also added our library a couple of days ago.

  9. Trevor Davis

    Another 3 added today

  10. Another 14 just added

  11. I am Kevin I have two I.H.C.s a 1933 and 1934 International B-3 I would like to put on the register.

  12. Just added some more Registry now has 260 Trucks

  13. Another 15 added today

  14. Still adding to the registry another 31 added today

  15. Just added 13 more to the registry

  16. Happy New Year.
    Have just added some more.
    1910 model F roadsters x 2 (Micheal Carter & Leroy Baumgardner). Peter Marsales 1922 Model S redbaby. Ken Harrington 1927 model S redbaby. Historic Village Herberton 1928 & 1929 Model 74C & Model 63. Allan Currie 1929 SSS. Terry Keating coal scuttle engine

  17. Hi Trevor, would like to add my 1925 S-24 IH to the registry

  18. Just added a few more to the registry.1908 HW & A5 pictures by Steve Severns. Alan Murphy’s 1922 Model 21. Auburn car museum 1927model 63c & 3 coal scuttles. Kirk Rinnes 1927 S-26 and Tim canfields 1929 SSS fire truck. More still to add.

  19. Hello everyone the site hasn’t been updated for a couple of months as it is my busy time for work I am hoping to update it in the next few weeks I think I have around 30 more trucks to put up. Trevor

  20. Have just added some more to the registry. 1910 MW,1912 Model A and !912 HW from Lemay Museum. Don Robertsons 1918 Model H. Kirke Rinne SSS and 2 trucks from Ft Edmonton Canada

  21. Newly added to the site with thanks to Kirk Rinne for supplying the pictures of 3 trucks at the Harold Warp Pioneer Village in Minden Nebraska 1910? Auto Wagon, 1917? Model ? and a 1928? Six speed special. Gary Cook also supplied the picture of Larry Hull’ 1926 Special Delivery at the WAAAM Museum in Hood River Oregon.

  22. My name is Jim Neville and I am the Director of the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor, Maine. We are looking for more information about our 1920 International Model H. Please go to our FB page to see what we are looking to find out. https://www.facebook.com/colelandtransportationmuseum?ref_type=bookmark

  23. Newly added 1920 photo by Bill Sachse, John Scott’s 1922″S” Red baby, Daniel Brigham’s 1926 S-26, Jack Wallace 1928 & 1929 Six Speed Specials, Mike Schmudlach’s 2 x 1929 Six Speed Specials and Jordan Gilliams 1929 Six Speed Special

  24. Newly added Mike Small 1907 Highwheeler, Keith Ernst 1920 Model K and a 1933 from Nova Scotia Canada.

  25. Dennis Wilson

    Dennis Wilson Two ’28 6-speeds
    Marc Shafer 1929 6-speed. In family since new

  26. Just added our first truck from England to the registry Chris Rowberry’s 1932 A5

  27. Still getting a great response to the new site now it has settled down, if you know of any other trucks that should be added to this registry just contact us with the details.

  28. Great response to the new site so far please keep the details coming on new trucks to add to the list. We need the Owner’s name, Model of Truck, Year of truck and if possible also a contact point for them would be fantastic. Trevor

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